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Nautilus III 30/04/2014

Nautilus III

I mentioned a few months ago that Nautilus III had been commissioned and on Monday we sent it off to the states. Unlike it's predecessors, this one was made in sycamore and birch rather than walnut which gives a more subtle contrast on the outside of the table. It was also smaller than the last two and Marc added an extra detail as you can see in the photos.

Nautilus Special

The next Nautilus to be made will not be part of the series and will be huge in comparison. Airpress have had to custom make us a vacuum bag 5m x 4m to accommodate the formers. The original Nautilus size was about 2m across and this one will be about 2.8m! Here's Chris stood next to the formers figuring out how he's going to make it…

Social Media

You can now follow us on various social networking sites to keep up to date with the progress in the workshop. 

Instagram - @robinsonhousestudio / - This is being used for day to day workshop pictures.

Tumblr - - Tumblr is where you'll find inspirational pictures that Marc has collected over the years.

Facebook - - Facebook will mainly be news updates.

Student Work

Ian joined us at the beginning of the year for 50 weeks, here is his first project - a pair of boxes, one in 5300 year old bog oak with a cocobolo base, the other in rippled sycamore and leather base. 

The box above looks like a normal rectangular box but is actually the same box as the one below. This was what Ian wanted to achieve by playing around with angles and perspective.

One Week Courses

We have had a lot of interest in one week taster courses recently. A few weeks ago Colin travelled halfway across the world from Hong Kong to learn from us. Over the week he covered sharpening, sawing, chiseling, plaining, finishing, dovetails and even squeezed in a timber yard trip with Marc. 

Last week we had four one week students, and one of them, Jeremy, loved it so much he sent Marc a testimonial:  

"I want to send a huge THANK YOU for the brilliant week I spent at Robinson House.  I learned an enormous amount and enjoyed every minute of it.  It was also great talking to your colleagues and 1-year students, and learning that they all find you as fantastically inspiring as I have!  The atmosphere is very special. 
Among the many things that struck me were: 1. How great design is the backbone of everything you do, and 2. How beginner students are expected on Day 1 to strive for the same levels of precision that you achieve.
I have been talking about it all weekend to anyone who will listen, and proudly showing off my 95.00mm block of wood.
Now it’s time to get down to the workshop and start applying what I learned with you.  (and buy some more expensive tools of course….such a bore…..)
Thank you again for an unforgettable week!"

If you have been thinking about doing a course here at 'robinson house studio' then why not try it for a week? Remember, if you sign up for the longer course then the week taster is free!

Other Courses

The next student intake (May) is now sold out, we have one 50 week space in Novemeber and there are still places available in August for 12 week courses. 

We are running a two day laminating course 14th and 15th June. This is well worth it and covers more than just the basics. Get in touch through the website to get booked in.

Charlie Whinney will be back in August to do his one day steam bending course. Charlie is a steam bending guru and doesn't come down this way very often so take the opportunity while it's there!

Car Design Clay

If you follow us on Instagram then you may have noticed Marc has begun experimenting with using clay as a design tool. In Shanghai, Marc met a man that makes clay models for Jaguar. This particular type of modelling clay is used in the car industry for making new designs and concepts as you can see in the picture. But why not apply it to furniture? To use it, it needs to be heated in an oven to make it malleable, and hardens as it cools. Watch this space, more to come…

3D Scanner

We now have a 3D scanner which will be used for scanning clay models to print on the 3D printer. We haven't tried it yet so keep following us to see what we come up with.

Brighton Artist's Open House Festival

It's that time of year again when we open the doors of the workshop to the public and exhibit our work along with student work. We will only be doing one weekend this year - May 24th/25th - come and visit us!

Thanks for checking us out!


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