Thursday, March 6, 2014

Design Shanghai 04/03/2014

Design Shanghai

Last week Marc exhibited at Design Shanghai which attracted over 40,000 architects, interior designers and general public. Marc's exhibition was inundated with curious consumers interested in his designs as you can see in the video below!

Marc took L'Orchidee, his desk made in 2011, and Mollusque was shipped over from Todd Merrill's gallery in new york to make for a pretty smart looking display.

Artist of the Month

As Marc has been in China for Design Shanghai, I was inspired to pick a Chinese artist. Zheng Chunhui spent four years recreating the scene from a famous Chinese painting called 'Along the river during Qingming festival'. The whole piece is carved from one solid tree trunk and is the largest wood carving in the world.

Tool Review

A couple of our newest students have bought themselves specialised shooting planes made by Veritas. I like Veritas a lot, they always strive to innovate rather than make tools just like all the others on the market, and the shooting plane is no exception.

You'll have to make yourself a new shooting board with a track but once you have, it works perfectly and is a lot easier to handle than a No. 5 1/2 or No. 7 on it's side. 

The skewed blade makes for an easier cut and the adjustable mouth is useful for heavier or finer cuts.

The handle is also adjustable so you can find what feels most comfortable for you.

In general, it is a nice addition to a hand plane collection but unless you do a lot of shooting by hand, at £359.95 from Axminster it may be something of a luxury item.

Student Work

Neil Davies

Pair of stools in wenge. 

Martin Jelinek

Console table in walnut, anigre and ebony detailing.

Brian Sack

Box in bird's eye maple and leather.

Ex Students

Please take a second to check out former a couple of our former students' websites. They completed their courses last year and are now running their own businesses and taking on commissions!

Apologies for the lack of blogging recently, as Marc said a few weeks ago, I had an accident (not at work!) and have been off since November but I am now back at work and will keep you updated with the goings on in the workshop!


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