Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New Students 11/10/2013

New Students

October is one of our intake months when new students join us to embark on their journey at 'robinson house studio' and last we welcomed Andy, Salonaz, Sarah, Mike, Rahim and Matt into the workshop!

New Staff Member

This week we had a new addition to the 'robinson house studio' team. Calvin Molloy will be joining us for a placement year as part of his degree in Product Design at Brighton Uni.

We also have new uniforms! Check out these handsome lads...

Student Work

Darren Hancock

Darren has now finished his 50 week course, having joined us last October. He studied architecture at Northumbria University and so already had a good knowledge of design, albeit from a different background, before starting his course. His final project is a hi-fi cabinet in walnut and birch, which was a commission for a private client.

Martin Jelenik

Martin is about 6 months into his 50 week course having joined us in April. For his first project he made a writing box in walnut, beech and leather.

Neil Davies

Neil is with us for 50 weeks and is about halfway through his course. His box was made in wenge and pau ameeillo.

Tip of the Week

This week's tip is something we use day to day but if you haven't had any training in woodworking then it may be something you haven't come across before.

If you dent your work then it is easily repairable with a damp rag and an iron.

Simply wet the rag (which need to be clean otherwise you'll be having other issues!), not so it's absolutely dripping but don't wring it out, place it over the dent and hold the iron on top.

As long as there are no broken fibres in the grain the dent should lift out. For big dents it may not get rid of it entirely but will certainly help, especially if you repeat the process.

Artist of the Month

This time we have chosen Ai Weiwei, a chinese contemporary artist who works mainly in sculpture and installations.

Item of Deisre

Mysterious Automatic Double Axis Tourbillon Watch

Follow the link for a video about the watch!

Sorry it's been so long since the last blog, we've been extremely busy and I've been on site for the last couple of weeks!