Friday, July 19, 2013

Babel Sale 19/07/2013

Babel Sale

Babel went on display at the recent Masterpiece exhibition in London on Todd Merrill's stand along with other artists' work from his gallery. Masterpiece is held at the Royal Hospital grounds in Chelsea and showcases the very best of art, antiques, design and sculpture. Held annually it has become the place to purchase the very best high calibre works. We are delighted to announce that Babel was sold to a corporate client from Oxford who returned on the last day after seeing it earlier in the week. The cabinet is the first edition of five and others can be commissioned through Marc's website.

Course Spaces

We have a limited number of spaces left for October 2013 - 50 week course, and January 2014 - 12 week course. If it's something you have been "thinking" about then make it happen and get in touch! You can read ex students' testimonials here.

New Website

Marc and his partner Ness have put in the hours recently making a brand spanking new website which I think absolutely looks the part. There are more pictures of current and past work, plenty of information about 'robinson house studio' and the courses, and a large section on student work.  

We are also changing the blog slightly in conjunction with the new website. As things are so busy here the blog often gets put on hold for a few weeks but we will be doing it every fortnight from now on. The "Artist of the Week" section will become "Artist of the Month", and we are adding a couple of new sections: "Tip of the Week" (or fortnight), and "Item of Desire". The latter will include anything from furniture/sculpture/architecture to materials/machines/tools, basically anything we think is cool and feel everyone should know about! We will also try and do some "how to" videos every now and then for you to try at home. 

Ex Student in Employment

Congratulations are in order for ex 50 week student Luke Olney who only left us a couple of months ago and has now found employment! He is working for Tree Coutre, a small company based in London; follow the link below to have a look at their website. Also see some of Luke's work below that he produced during his time with us.

Coffee table - walnut

Sideboard - walnut, rippled sycamore

Student Work

Darren Hancock

Box - cherry, bronze and leather

Chris Coane

Desk - ebonised oak, copper
Chair - sapele
Thibaut Degenne

Cigar humidor - sonokeling rosewood, ebony, glass, spanish cedar, pau ameeillo
Kris Lamba

Coffee table - imbuia, rippled sycamore, bronze
Luke Humphrey

Box - ebony, glass

Mollusque at Art Southampton

The return of Mollusque to the UK is imminent with Art Southampton now just a week away. Once again, Mollusque will form part of Todd Merrill's stand along with the other artists and makers. 

New Employee

Well, not an entirely new employee but I have now finished my apprenticeship and am now working full time at 'robinson house studio'.  I am working on a few small commissions for Marc which are ideal projects for me to practise my making skills, and I will post the progress so you can see more of the commercial side of things here. I also hope to have some pictures of my work from my three years of training in a few months time which I'm sure (I hope) you would all love to see on here!

I think that just about covers it for this week, enjoy the sunshine!