Friday, June 7, 2013

Mollusque in Boston 07/06/2013

Mollusque at "Furniture with Soul II"

Recently, Mollusque left the comfort of Todd Merrill's shop in New York and flew to Boston to go on display at Gallery Naga. The exhibition being held at the gallery is displaying the work of makers featured in David Savages book "Furniture with soul". Some of the finest furniture makers in the world are displaying their work including Joseph Walsh, Tom Loeser, Yuri Kobayashi, and Waywood.

"Babel" Progress

The new cabinet we are making, now titled "Babel", is nearing completion. Marc sprayed the doors and spine at the weekend and we have been experimenting with different methods of polishing and patinating to give the bronze an interesting finish.

Artist's Open House Festival

Thank you to everyone who made it to our Open House exhibition, each weekend was a success and we feel we have spread the word of the studio even further. We were even featured in the Artist's Open House blog, written by Emily Kenneally, who gave us a glowing review! Follow the link below to have a read.

London Trip

A few weeks back Marc took the students to The Big Smoke yet again for a fun-filled day of design inspiration. "Collect" was back on at the Saatchi gallery, which always has a huge and eclectic range of work from furniture to glassware, and ceramics to jewellery. If you have never been to Collect then I strongly recommend going next year! 

After Collect, we wondered over to the Design Museum where the current exhibition (open till July 7th) was Designs of the Year. The winner of the furniture category was German designer Konstantin Grcic with his Medici Chair.

Student Projects

Thibaut (50 week student)

50 week student Thibaut is currently working on his first project - a cigar humidor box. He has used Rosewood for the outside and Ceder for the inside. It's currently clamped up so I will post a picture next week.

Juergen (50 week student)

For Juergens first project (the box project), he has bought the root of a Corsican Pine tree from tree surgeons Tree's A Crowd. His idea is to suspend a box in the middle of the root by chains or steel wire. I'm very interested to see how it turns out!


Indoor rock climbing has become a popular extra-curricular activity among the students since Marc started going a few months ago. On Mondays they go to one in Brighton and on Wednesdays they travel to Crowborough. I myself haven't been yet, despite Marc's nagging, but may give in soon as they all seem to thoroughly enjoy it!

Sorry it's been so long since the last blog, every year the festival seems to take over our lives...We have lots planned for the summer so do follow our progress!

Enjoy your weekend in the sun,