Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nautilus III Sale 16/08/2013

Nautilus III

As if we weren't happy enough with the sale of Babel at Masterpiece, we have had an order for the third Nautilus coffee table. The commission is for an interior design company across the pond and may be made in different veneers to the usual sycamore and walnut (depending on their veneer choice...). As you can imagine, it is brilliant news for the studio and will hopefully raise our profile, now we just have to make the thing!


Desk Sets

As I mentioned last time, we had a commission for a pen pot and a notepad holder for a London client. I finished making them this week and Chris is currently finishing them with lacquer. As they are so small, the job was pretty much all done by hand which gave me an opportunity to use some skills I haven't used since my first year at college!

Chris spraying the lacquer finish

Tip of the Week

The tip this week is for making curved templates. We usually use 2mm or 3mm MDF to make our templates because it is quicker to sand than thicker material and it's cheap so if you make a mistake then throw it in the bin and start again. Our tip, however, is to use a piece of flexiply with abrasive paper fixed at each end with double-sided tape to sand the template to your pencil line. This way it will sand more evenly, taking out all the high spots to leave you with a perfectly smooth curve.

Follow the link below to see me making a template for a chair leg former:

Item of Desire 

If you've got £1100 to spend on a tool (which I don't) then this is the one to buy. To be honest, any Bridge City tool would be welcome in my tool collection..

Artist of the Month

This time I have chosen sculptor Janet Echelman as our artist of the month. I came across her when looking for interesting TED talks, I've posted a link below to her talk for you to view at your leisure.



Follow the link to watch her TED talk!


That's all this time, check back in a couple of weeks!


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