Friday, August 2, 2013

Goodwood Sculpture Park Visit 02/08/2013

Goodwood Sculpture Park


Yesterday morning Marc, myself and the students set sail in the direction of Chichester to visit the Goodwood Sculpture Park. I would thoroughly recommend going, it was a brilliant day out! The works are dotted around a woodland area and are all placed perfectly so you approach them from the right angle. See some of my personal favourites below...



Steam Bending Course

We still have a couple of spaces available for our one day steam bending course on the 14th August with Charlie Whinney. Charlie is a master of steam bending whose work ranges from large sculptural pieces to small everyday objects. There really is no one better to learn this incredible skill from so get in touch and book yourself in!


Desk Sets

You may remember last year I posted about a commission for desk sets including pen holders, document trays, blotter wheels, and note pad holders for a client in London.  They got in touch recently and ordered another pen pot and notepad holder in macassar ebony and Marc has kindly entrusted me with the task of making them.

Tip of the Week

 As I mentioned last time, we have added a couple of new sections to the blog. Tip of the week will be a regular occurrence and as we like to experiment a lot here I'm hoping our tips will be something you may not have come across before.

Our first tip is to keep animal glue in plastic syringes for fine work and small repairs. It's handy to have on hand as it avoids the process of having to heat the pot and fill the workshop with that smell we all hate (except Isobel the dog), and when needed, simply put the syringe into hot water to heat the glue and you're good to go. It even acts as a cleaner way of dispensing the glue!


Artist of the Month 

This month was Marc's turn to pick an artist and he settled on Peter Burke, the sculptor responsible for his favourite piece from Goodwood yesterday.



Item of Desire

 For our first item of desire Marc has chosen the Phantom Corsair. It was a prototype built in 1938, and designed by Rust Heinz. Due to the futuristic look it was considered ahead of it's time but unfortunately never went into production. There are plenty of images on google so have a look for yourself!


That's it for this week, have a good weekend!


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