Friday, April 26, 2013

Rod Wales Trip 26/04/2013

Rod Wales Visit

Last week Marc and the students ventured to Chiddingly near Lewes to visit Rod Wales's workshop. Wales and Wales was set up by Rod and his wife Alison over 30 years ago and have since built themselves an enviable reputation with some of their work having been acquired by national collections, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Crafts Council.

Rod's cabinet that now resides at the V&A Museum
Rod took the students on a tour of his studio followed by a talk on his background, experiences with clients and his views on the industry.  The afternoon culminated in a discussion on design. A debate ensued on design identity, the importance to critic your own and others work, to question everything you see.

Cabinet Progress

We have made a lot of progress on the cabinet since we last updated you - Chris has almost finished veneering both doors and is sculpting the base and spine, Marc has finished making the aluminium hinges and I have begun carving the grooves into the veneers to give it a texture similar to Nautilus and Mollusque. 

It is likely that the latest piece (yet to be titled) will be unveiled at Masterpiece in June. It will be represented by Todd Merrill from New York. Masterpiece is London's premier art design and antiques fair held annually in June.

Brighton Open House Festival

As you will probably know, Marc opens the workshop to the public for three weekends in May as part of the Brighton Open House Festival. In previous years, we have always put down our tools for two days and turned the workshop into a gallery but this year bench space members and students will be working while visitors wander around. We thought it'd be interesting for people to see the processes and work that go into making a piece of furniture rather than just seeing the finished piece. 

We will be open on the following days:

11th & 12th May
18th & 19th May
25th & 26th May

Please feel free to pop in and see us!

Artist of the Week

This week Marc has chosen Japanese installation artist Chiharu Shiota as his artist of the week. Her work is somewhat haunting yet extremely stunning so check her out and see what you think!

Have a pleasant weekend!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mollusque At Zona Maco 10/04/2013


Mollusque, which has been with Todd Merrill in New York at his gallery, is now being exhibited at Zona Maco, a contemporary art fair in Mexico. It is regarded as the most important contemporary art exhibition in Latin America and they expect to have over 35,000 attendees over the week.

New 50 Week Students

Martin, Neil, Chris, Juergen and Brian joined 'robinson house studio' this week to embark on their 50 week furniture making courses with Marc. So far, as with all new students, they have been tuning their hand planes and are now looking at sharpening their chisels and plane irons. As always we will be blogging their progress over the year!

12 Week Student Projects

We recently said goodbye to our 12 week students Charlie, Ola, Alexis and Duncan but not before getting some pictures of the work they did in their time here. 

A game made by Charlie using walnut and satinwood veneer
Charlie's bike rack in walnut and olive ash

Stacking boxes made by Ola using walnut and ash

Console table in walnut and glass made by Duncan
 Two Day Spindle Moulding Course

As you may already know, Marc runs a weekend course on spindle moulding. The spindle moulder is an extremely versatile machine and two days will only cover the basics but once you get to know it, it can be a very useful addition to any workshop. Marc went through the two day course with all our current students, covering how to set up fences and guards, different cutter blocks, rebating, tongue and groove, chamfering, tenoning, using the power feed and using jigs to create curved work.

If you are interested in the spindle moulding course then please do get in touch!

Artist of the Week

This week I have chosen to share with you the work of McNabb & Co who have created a series of cityscapes "sketched" with a bandsaw.

Thanks for checking us out, more next week