Wednesday, March 20, 2013

'robinson house studio' blog 15/03/2013

Student Work

50 week students Jack, Thibaut and Darren are currently designing and starting to make their box projects. Darren has been toying with ideas of different textures and colours to use on the side of his, and has been experimenting on some small samples using bleaching, ebonising, chip carving, grooving and different finishes. Each sample is made from English cherry.

Darren is also considering using bronze on the inside of his box, but to take some of the shine off it, he has used liver of sulphur to create a patina on the surface.

Bauhaus Chess Board

Part-time bench space member Darcy is making a Bauhaus style chess board, for which the lid is a replica of a Sandor Bortnyik painting made using marquetry. Bortnyik had a huge impact on Hungarian poster art, and after spending some time at Weimar, the first of three Bauhaus schools, he was heavily influenced by their geometric forms.

New Cabinet

Chris has started to rough shape the spine for Marc's latest project using an electric planer. The pencil line indicates the sculpted shape you will see from the front. The next stage will be to shape it using a specialised attachment for the angle grinder.

Courses Available

There is now only a few spaces left for the 50 week course starting in October, and only one space available for the 12 week course in July! 

However there are still plenty of weekend courses available:

- CAD advanced class one week
August 2013
- Art Class 2 day
dates TBA, please email Marc if interested.
- Spindle moulding 2 day
9 - 10 November 2013
- Laminating 2 day
22 - 23 June 2013
- Introduction to hand tools for furniture making 2 day
14-15 September 2013
- Wood machining 2 day
16 - 17 March 2013
- Wood finishing 2 day
19 -20 October
- Dovetails 2 day
13 - 14 April 2013 Fully Booked
- Routers, routing and router tables 2 day
7 - 8 December 2013

Artist Of The Week

If you haven't heard of surrealist photographer Chema Madoz then we highly recommend that you check out some of his work!

More next week, have a good weekend!



ChrisHasFlair said...


Could you provide more detail on how Chris uses an electric planer for sculpting? Does he work across the grain, or does it have a convex sole?


Jeremy Silva said...

You don't refer to high pressure laminates, but these can often give an extremely effective and original finish. Came across this website last week. Maybe some of your readers might be interested.

Marc Fish said...

Hi Chris,

It was a standard electric planer with a flat sole that was used. Chris removed the bulk of the material with it before moving on to an angle grinder with a special attachment (which is convex) for sculpting. I can't remember what the attachment is called but can find out if you like. After the angle grinder Chris will probably use an orbital sander to finish it off before it gets sprayed.

There are lots of different attachments you can get for an angle grinder which are perfect for sculpting timber available from places like Axminster/screwfix etc!


Marc Fish said...

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the link, looks very interesting and I'm already thinking of ways to incorporate it into my designs!


Marc Fish said...
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ChrisHasFlair said...

Hi Danny,

Thanks for the additional information. I do power carving myself and one of the tools I use is an angle grinder. I'd never thought to use a power planer though.

You can see one of my recent sculptures HERE.


karan singh said...

Completely agree also High Pressure Laminatesare that essential part of furnishings without which, the piece of art would be barren and soul less.