Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year from 'robinson house studio' 04/01/13

New year, new students

This week we welcome four new 12 week students into the workshop: Alexis, Charles, Duncan And Ola. As always we will be posting their progress for you to follow.

Course dates and prices

Before Christmas I posted the new courses Marc will be running this year, and we can now announce the dates, prices and availability.

Please note that courses will be charged at 2012 prices if you sign up BEFORE THE END OF JANUARY (12 week - £5900, 50 week - £16000)

Long course intakes and 2013 prices

12 week course start date - ONE SPACE LEFT FOR 2013 / 15 July / £6500
50 week course start date / 7 October / £17000

Short course dates

CAD beginners class 1 week / February & August / £550
CAD advanced class 1 week / February & August / £550
Art class 2 days / please email or call for availability / £250
One week taster or bespoke week / please email or call for availability / £600

Weekend course dates

Wood machining / 16 - 17 March / £275
Dovetailing / 13 - 14 April / £275
Laminating / 22 - 23 June / £275
Introduction to furniture making using hand tools / 14 - 15 September / £275
Wood finishing / 19 - 20 October / £275
Spindle moulding / 9 - 10 November / £275
Routers, routing and router tables / 7 - 8 December / £275

New and improved library

About 18 months ago I built a new bookcase for our office library which we rapidly outgrew and so just before Christmas Marc asked me to make a new one. The library is an important part of 'robinson house studio', providing student with a plethora of books on furniture makers, design, art, architecture, woodwork techniques, materials and even business and marketing.

Student panel gauges

50 week students Jack, Darren and Thibaut have begun their panel gauges, another exercise in accuracy and hand skills but also introducing the router table to cut a rebate. For those that don't know, a panel gauge is used to mark a line on the face of a panel using the rebate to run along the edge of the panel to keep it square, similar to a marking gauge but on a larger scale. It is also a small exercise in design as they design the stock (or handle) themselves and make a model of it in blue foam before starting. 

Latest piece progress

Due to the recent commission for desk sets, the new cabinet we are making had to be put on hold. We began production again on it this week and have begun fibreglassing the former as you can see in the picture. It needs two layers of fibreglass before we can start sanding it completely smooth.

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