Friday, August 31, 2012

Mollusque Launch at Cheltenham August 2012

This week saw the end of Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design in Cheltenham at which Marc Fish's latest piece Mollusque was launched with huge success. The copper-lined coffee table sat side by side with Nautilus II to make an impressive display. The standard was extremely high at Cheltenham this year with just under 100 exhibitors displaying some of the finest furniture in the country.


We said goodbye to Theo this week who did a 12 week furniture making course with us, although ended up staying for nearly 20 weeks. During his course he made a jewellery box in Indian Rosewood and a chair in Tulip. The idea behind his chair was to create  something with a bone-like appearance using a design that would usually lend itself to man-made materials such as plastic.


For the last couple of days Chris has been experimenting with using our 3D printer to try and print a shell. To do this he took around 50 photos of the shell which a computer program then uses to create a 3D image which the MakerBot uses to print it. Pictures to follow next week...

Lastly, I'll introduce myself, I'm Danny, Marc's apprentice. I've been given control of the blog so will be updating weekly with progress of Marc's projects, students' work and any else interesting happening in the studio.

Have a good weekend!