Sunday, October 7, 2012

Robinson House Studio Blog 7/10/2012

New Thicknesser

Up until now we have been using a Rojek planer thicknesser combo which of course is not ideal when you have one person wanting to plane and another wanting to thickness. The new thicknesser will have a digital reader and electronic rise and fall, which we are all very much looking forward to!

Student Projects

50 week students Luke, Chris and Kris are making good progress on their jewellery box projects. Luke is making his in ebony, Chris is using wenge and Kris is making two boxes, one in Madagascan rosewood and one in aluminium.

Chris oiling his wenge box sides

Luke hand planing his ebony box side

For his box lids, Kris decided to use aluminium honeycombe. Sandwiched between two pieces of 1.5mm skin-ply, it gives an incredibly lightweight, stable and flat component. It is usually used on yachts due to its light weight but can be useful in standard furniture, especially for something like a large dining table which would be too heavy in solid wood.


 Marc's Latest Piece

Chris has made a scale model for the latest project by using fiberglass and epoxy over the polystyrene former he made a couple of weeks ago.


It is really starting to take shape now and soon I will begin work on the former for the real piece.


Art Nouveau Chair Project

As a side project, Marc has decided to make a replica of a Hector Guimard chair. Hector Guimard was a French architect and one of the pioneers of the Art Nouveau movement. Guimard designed the entrances and lettering for the Metro stations in Paris, which is some of the most representative work of the Art Nouveau style.


 We are using American black walnut to make the chair. Two sequential boards were handpicked to ensure top quality and matching grain.


 Chris cut the laminates on the bandsaw, which were all speed sanded to eliminate glue lines.


Each leg was pressed in our new membrane press.


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