Friday, October 19, 2012

New York Exhibition and Nautilus Sale 19/10/2012

New York and Todd Merrill

Mollusque arrived safely in New York last week and will be on display at the The International Fine Arts and Antique Dealers Show alongside other work from Todd Merrill's 'Studio Contemporary'. The exhibition starts today and runs until next Thursday, and attracts some of the most prolific art and antique dealers in the world.

Nautilus II

Nautilus II was sold last week at Christie's Knightsbridge. The auction which included works owned by Andrew Lamberty and James Perkins totaled in excess of £3 million.


Student Projects

Chris is making two boxes in wenge with aluminium chamfer details. At the moment he is installing the hinges using the router table to cut the hinge slots.

 Kris is at a similar stage to Chris with his Madagascan rosewood and aluminium boxes. He has installed the hinges on one and is making a lid for the other out of ziriciote (rosewood).

Kris's ziricote lid

Luke is almost at the stage of gluing his ebony box up, he is currently tweaking the joints and lid to ensure it all fits together perfectly. Apologies for the quality of the photo, next week will include a better one.

The new 50 week students are now onto making their winding sticks which is an exercise to get them working to a high level of accuracy. They make two winding sticks which must be identical in dimensions, working to a tolerance of 0.001 inches.

Jack measuring the width with a vernier gauge - accuracy and attention to detail are essential.

Latest Project

As I mentioned last week, I have started making the former for the latest Marc Fish piece. Once I had all the 2mm MDF templates made I used those to mark out the shapes on the blue foam before cutting 25 layers which make up the former. I am now in the process of gluing the layers together with the 2mm templates in between and hopefully by the end of the day I can start to shape it.

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