Friday, October 12, 2012

Magazine Features and New Students 12/10/2012

Furniture and Cabinetmaking Magazine Appearance 

This month Furniture and Cabinetmaking Magazine featured a roundup of the Cheltenham Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design. We were lucky enough to have Mollusque on the front cover and have a large photo feature inside with the article. For those that don't read F&C Magazine or haven't heard of it, it is the best magazine out there for high-end furniture and woodworking, we would definitely recommend a subscription!


Robb Report Singapore

As part of Marc's never ending quest to gain 'robinson house studio' more exposure, Nautilus II is set to feature in Robb Report around Christmas time. Robb Report is a magazine aimed at the super-rich advertising private jets, luxury cars, fine art, furniture and super yachts - everything your average multimillionaire could wish for.


New Students

This week we welcomed three new students into the workshop, Darren, Jack and Thibaut. As with all new students, they have spent their first week tuning their tools to prepare them for working to a high standard of accuracy.

Darren tuning his block plane

Laminating Course

At the weekend, Marc ran a two day laminating course covering various techniques, glues and materials. Five students attended, most of whom have done short courses with Marc before. We looked at vacuum bagging, using the membrane press, male and female formers, tested the difference between epoxy, Titebond and PVA, compared flexiply to 2mm MDF and much more, a lot to fit into just two days!

Students taking notes on how to mix epoxy resin

Trying out the new membrane press


MDF and Flexiply laminated samples
Latest Project

I have started making the former for Marc's latest project. It will be made up of blue styrofoam sandwiched between 25 2mm MDF templates, and then shaped by hand using rasps and an orbital sander.

25 templates made with 2mm MDF

Blue foam is perfect for making large formers

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