Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mollusque To Go To New York - September 2012

New York

Mollusque is being shipped off to New York. Marc's work will be included in Todd Merrill's stable of contemporary artists and will be on show in October at The Armory for The International Fine Arts and Antique Dealers show.

Todd Merrill displays the work of many prolific designers and makers including Joseph Walsh, Micheal Coffey and Gareth Neal in is shop in New York and at exhibitions all over the world.


Marc's Latest Piece Started

Chris has been busy making maquettes for the new project using our 3D printer. We don't want to give too much away at the moment as it is still in the early stages of development but in the coming months it will start to become apparent as to what it is. Watch this space.

Students' CAD Course

Computer Aided Design has become an especially important tool in furniture making in the last few years and so Marc's courses now incorporate a week of CAD training for the students. The lessons focus on 2D and 3D drawing using AutoCAD, Rhinoceros 3D and Google SketchUp.

Membrane Press Project Finished

Our new Membrane Press is now finished and ready for testing. So far we have been very impressed with it, the instructions were clear and concise, all components are made to a high quality, and in general it is very easy to use compared with the standard bag press systems.

We've added the membrane press to our growing collection of AirPress products. We have used AirPress for 7 years now and have always found them to be extremely effective and reliable. For more infomation on AirPress visit their website at

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