Friday, May 20, 2011

New drawing board project 1920's restoration

New Drawing Board

I have always wanted an antique drawing board and my partner Vanessa was looking for a gift as it was my 40th birthday. The hunt was on which did not take very long, Ebay Buy it Now located in London. I was going to be in London to drop my Nautilus table to The Millinery Works Exhibition and I could pick it up after that, little did I know that it was located in the next road, what a stroke of luck.
Like my bench this was not going to be any normal drawing board, with polished aluminium drafting arm, clear acrylic board, pen table and perspective drawing arms.
Over the next couple of posts I will show you pictures as I work through it.

Original Board before work started

Acrylic strengthening bars for the board to be mounted on.

Acrylic board with chamfered and polished edges

Drafting arm components after sanding

Starting the polishing

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