Monday, January 17, 2011

new woodworkers workbench finished January 2011

Pattern makers vice fully detailed

Nice view showing both vices

Brass planing stop which has been routed into front of bench, this is one of my favourite additions to my bench.

Turned and milled aluminium handles with brass ferrule.

Finished bench


Bart said...

Hi Marc,
Congratulations with your new bench. It does look awesome ! One question though : I find it a pity that I cannot see the high-resolution photographs (by clicking on the smaller ones). It would be really nice if you could add those.
Bart (a follower from Belgium)

Steve said...

Amazing work. I would expect nothing less at this stage, but even so - the attention to detail is inspiring. Beautiful!

Marc Fish said...

Thanks for the comments, I will be working on the Hi Res images in the future posts on the blog, good idea thanks