Thursday, December 16, 2010

New workbench under construction

New Bench for the new studio

It is the ambition of many a furniture maker to build their dream bench. This has been mine for the last few years and I have have now embarked on this mammoth task. A lot of research and experience goes into building the right bench for oneself. Height, top size, storage, vices, work holding etc, but for me the aesthetic was equally important - I do have to stand at it for quite a large part of the working day, so shouldn't it look good. This is going to be quite some workbench. Walnut and maple with turned aluminium bench dogs and drawer handles. What this space for more images.

Timber awaiting machining

Planing face side on walnut legs

End rails marked up and domino joints cut

End sections glued up and clamped awaiting drying

Frame glued up and clamped using ratchet straps, feet have been fitted

More images soon.

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