Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Gathering June 27 2009

The Gathering was to get together makers in an event that could discuss and implement improvements to our industry. We are an insular bunch who rarely see other makers, and some of us rarely see daylight! So this annual event is a great opportunity for us all to get out of our workshops, This year 60 top makers from the UK attended with names including John Makepeace, Andrew Varah, Robert Ingham and Joseph Walsh, no other event can claim to gather such talented makers and it was a great privilege to attend this year having missed the first event.
This year’s gathering was held at Ercol’s headquarters and factory. Built in 2002 the factory itself has won numerous awards. The entire Ercol production team including over 100 staff is housed in 160,000 square foot of modern, clean, working environment with a state of art extraction system enabling all areas of production to be side by side. The air is so clean even the upholstery and polishing section is located in the open plan factory. There’s a wall of natural light bringing the outside in and the factory makes full use of modern CNC machinery.

My full coverage will appear in Furniture & Cabinet Magazine shortly.

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